Github: jacobdanovitch/Joogle

A search engine made for CSI 4107. Currently supports searching the uOttawa CSI course catalogue.


Live Site

To save time, it is recommended that you go to, where you will find the project live. This will save you the time of downloading any dependencies. However, if you wish to execute locally, follow the instructions below.

Local Installation

First, in your shell, run:

$ ./ # or install.bat on windows

This will install several Python packages, as well as download stopwords and a lemmatizer from nltk.

Then, to run the app, run:

$ python

Then, navigate to http://localhost:4999/ to access the app (or if this fails).


With this, you can perform free-text searches like data science or web development.

With this, you can perform boolean searches like operating AND systems or NOT hardware.