About me

Hi, I’m Jacob. I’m a data science intern at Microsoft Cortana. During the school year, I take honors computer science at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I’m in the senior year of my undergraduate degree, and I’ve been accepted to the accelerated masters stream - with a concentration in data science - at the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Computer Science.

My coursework has included deep learning, information retrieval, and knowledge graphs. I’m also a TA for courses like Introduction to Web Development and Storytelling with Data.

What I’m Up To

  • I am currently applying to graduate programs.
  • I’m involved in research at my school and independently.
    • I’m currently writing my senior thesis about incorporating human instructions into NLP models.
    • I also work on applications of machine learning to sports (primarily NBA/MLB).


  • August 16, 2019: My work, Trouble with the Curve: Predicting Future MLB Players Using Scouting Reports, was accepted to the 2019 Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference!
    • Update 10/2019: I’ll be presenting a 15-minute talk as a finalist in the reproducible research competition!
  • July 26, 2019: I completed my second internship at Microsoft (MSAI).
    • My work used deep learning to extract meeting suggestions from Outlook emails, and extended this to develop a classification model for multi-turn conversations. This was part of a larger project, for which a patent is pending.
    • I’ll be returning as a data scientist intern next summer!