About me

I am an applied scientist at Microsoft in the MSAI organization, where I work on improving Copilot experiences across M365. My focus is improving personalization in search relevance scenarios by integrating approaches from graph representation learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval.

Previously, I completed my MSc in Machine Learning at Mila as part of the Complex Data Lab under the supervision of Professor Reihaneh Rabbany. I graduated with high distinction from the undergraduate honors computer science program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, where I worked with the wonderful Professor Majid Komeili and TA’d for courses like Introduction to Web Development and Storytelling with Data.

I also contribute to the Refugee Law Lab in a volunteer capacity, helping lead data science efforts supporting the Refugee Law Lab portal by building scalable pipelines for scraping, parsing, and analyzing court records using open-source software & NLP methods.