CSI5180: Topics in Artificial Intelligence


Semantic web technologies (RDF, RDFS, OWL). Ontology and knowledge base development. Data integration and normalization. Ontology matching. Semantic Web access through SPARQL queries. Semantic Web expansion from unstructured data (text), including Named Entity Recognition, Entity Linking and Relation Extraction from textual data. Question Answering over Linked Data. Data availability, redundancy, contextualization and trust. Source


Professor: Caroline Barrière

Grade: A


A hands-on approach to the course was emphasized, with the majority of the coursework being assignment-based. These assignments were substantial and interesting, covering topics such as:

  1. RDF and SPARQL
  2. Ontology Design
  3. Ontology Reasoning and Matching
  4. Ontology Learning


The course also included two presentations. The objective of the first was to explore any tool or public work related to the semantic web, RDF, or SPARQL. I chose pbprdf, an open-source project providing access to NBA play-by-play data in turtle format that can easily be queried in SPARQL. My page for this presentation is here.

The objective of the second was to present a summary of a conference tutorial from a recent instance of ISWC or ESWC. I chose HybridNLP2018 - Tutorial on Hybrid Techniques for Knowledge-based NLP, which discussed the augmentation of word embeddings with external, structured knowledge sources. My page for this presentation is here.